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fixodent, and forget it. our michigan school confiscated cupcakes because of toy soldiers on them. be prepared to be outraged . hugo chavez body is on display. what do justin bieber and joy behar, have in common. >> the initials jb. >> couldn't wait for it to be finished. >> go away, you both are me. >> we'll welcome our guest.
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she's so hot every chair she sits in becomes a anchor chair. dianne masedo. week days on fox business. >> and he's funny than a whoopi cushion . in finland he is a funnel. it is me side kick bill shultwhere. sitting right next to me. fox news contributor and editor of the wonderful, wonderful daily caller. >> it is the first story. get ready to learn absolutelyg . >> they put a stop to little men on cop. michigan elementary school confiscated a third grader's cupcakes decorated with army soldiers. nine year old had adorned them
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with plastic figure evens representing heroes. the school called his mom they couldn't be served because of the guns. the boy's father agrees with the decision. >> i think it is horrible they lump them together with socio paths that shoots children. >> he totally disagreed. the principal claims that many parents are sensitive and no disrespect toward the military was intended. she would say that, wouldn't she? inappropriate use of plastic things >> there is something disturbing about that. these are not just toy
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soldiers but were world war ii soldiers. does this school have any shame? >> it is so couple pulsive. but she said our duty is to teach nonviolence. why is it the school's job to teach the kids nonviolence? >> if you teach pacism you are teaching leaching off people. >> you become off the ria. >> modern austria. >> if you were the boy's mother how would you react. i have a son i done know about or outraged? >> outraged that i had a son i didn't know about. >> i have to issue a correction. they served the cupcakes and took the soldiers off. the cupcakes are kind of contraband in schools too.
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i wonder what they will do when they teach them about war and history class. will they teach everyone we killed the nazies with love and move on from there? >> nick, i don't know how you follow up on that one because it was brilliant. you supported the school completely which shocked me. >> some other principal. it is cupcake wars . it is battle of little debby. >> i am so sorry. first of all how are hay going to adjust when you take them off of the cupcakes? times have change would i was in fifth grade my mom sent a bundt cake of hitler. >> of hitler>> and a chocolate mussolini. >> can't have a chick of the
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principal. >> how is that a conclusion there. >> sensitivity and you have lost your mind. guys are going along with it. they need votes and only a broad would make this decision . >> i completely disagree. >> i know, that's why i said it. >> explain you would disagree. >> it is a matter of being politically collect and nothing to do with a chick. >> they are. how do they vote? >> that is a typical girl response. >> thank you, bill. >> if these cupcakes had a burka on them they would allow it and talk abouter -- about tolerance and adversity. nothing to do with a chick. >> she shut you down, nick. >> it is about being a chick. >> sensitivity is not in our dna. >> it is a generation of males that are coming up now it is .
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in the men running the schoolings. >> it is the cupcakes. >> terrible. i love hillary clinton. >> you are awful. can i switch seats? >> bill, the thing you can't afford the cupcakes . sometimes there are eight at a time. >> they are still in me . some ways, i am a real hero and we'll figure out why. >> and the kid's response to this. oh, my kid doesn't care. he was nine and happy to get the soldiers back and i responded pretty much the same way. were they being overly sensitive? of course they were. was she trying to defame our soldiers? no. our children are hyper sensitive because of the sandy hook. i responded to this same as a kid with a shrug and i think you all need counseling.
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>> tucker, you are not -- tucker, i can tell you are about to make an important point and i want to answer your important point without even hearing it. this reminds, the fear of gun symbolism is a lot like the other blogers, the satannic frake out. >> they all went to prison for crimes they didn't commit. it is mass his teria. >> it is a trendy kind of frenzy. it is more than that, it is just dumb. if this was a sanitation worker reaching the conclusion the toy sold yerse were dangerous. but in new york city. who runs that. >> more impressive. a teacher saying something this stupid makes you wonder what hands you are putting your kid's mipeds in. >> the bigger question is cupcakes. >> you know what is driving me
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nuts before we move on. >> the whole rise of cupcakes. i understand cupcakes in the classrooms. if you are writing down 6th avenue and greenwich village, cupcakes stores for adults. >> this is a back lash against atkins. >> until bloomsberg spins them. too many of his friends eat cupcakes. >> it is low class to drink a big gulp but high class for a 8 dollar cupcake. >> i didn't know we allowed cupcakes in the schools anymore. >> they had a problem with home made treats. you can't figure out the calorie. >> and you can put razor blades in them. >> that is a myth. there is never. >> an apple have one. >> that explains a lot. no, they have done research on the razor blade/apple.
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there is no evidence of this. >> i recalled a call by a comedian. drew up in beverly hills and trick-or-treat and got an apple with a raisar blade. >> we should go into the next segment. >> cupcakes to rogue steak. they went from host to belacoast. north korea is now once again threatening america. noco, warned of a preemptive strike on the u.s.. is it more bull after partying with one? zinger. >> what meat did they serve the former nba star. reports that kim jong-un held a lavic dinner with dennis and they had a roasted pig and all girl orchestra that played theme songs from dallas and
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rocky. here's the band from earlier this year. ♪ ♪ and less interesting news, the u.s. is fully capable of defending on an attack. north korea responded with this statement. ♪ ♪ >> point taken awesome guitar player. north korea clearly loves rocky. pop culture, we send sly stallone to north korea and forget rodman, rocky. >> they love locky movies. >> you are terrible. terrible. >> is that why everybody said
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something mechanicly correct that that is terrible. >> i couldn't give a -- >> north korea, come on, that is threatening, like justin bieber threatening night. if you buy stuff made in north korea it snaps in three seconds. >> it is an interesting point that no one takes north korean's threats seriously because they seem they are inept. >> if someone said we are going to nuke you and blow you up no matter what. shouldn't our administration say. >> no you are not. >> we are going to wag the finger. >> it is like the music from the crazy uncle . every now and then they follow through on what they say they are going to do. >> right.
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>> north korea is not there yet but they may have an ability to hit our allies and bases. i think they are discounted frequently when necessarily shouldn't be. a lot of this will center around china. without them, not that there is not much we can do. it would be easier to get china on our side here. >> tucker, what do you think? the strike on america more of the same or less indifferent. >> the administration said it is safe . this country doesn't have a single working elevator and dog meat is a national dish. >> you are getting back in the face of north korea. i am a defender of dennis rodman. >> really? >> he's an idiot. but would you not go if you got invited to watch a girl band playy? >> i think wrim - zimbazwe.
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i would. >> you think they have talked since they split or keeping it down low. >> they are keeping it on the down low which means a lot to rodman. that was fake. i was looking at that video. those girlings. that was too much like the actual rocky sound track. they got the leastt emaciated girls next to the amphitheater and told them to mime along. they were all north korea beyonce. >> and like mili vanilly. >> fake, fake, fake. >> i think it is beautiful. >> i do care. i feel duped. >> you are outraged. >> i am more outraged about this than the cupcake.
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>> i hope we can to war again and hollywood will do a vision of mash and rodman will be in his wedding dress as clinger. >> from korea to corpses. hugo chavez's body will be put on permanent display. as the vice-president of venezuela yust like lenin. >> the body of our commandant in chief will remain embalmed in the museum of the revolution in a special glass urn so our people have him there forever. >> and sean pennn. what does the death mean to the future of venezuela. we consulted this rooster.
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>> that is a beautiful rooster i must say. >> we have to have the camera on her when we do the videos. >> she's dying. >> back to the funeral that it is disturb thag sean penn would go to the funeral. did he know chavez. >> he knew the sentencative side. >> sean penn is not stupid and unlike dennis rodman. why does he report dictators like it is attraction to the strong man. >> i go back to the david and goliath. any david will do even if the david is a totalian tirant. >> is anybody going to file past the fat corpse of the tool?
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there were 20,000 people murder no wonder if was a red carpet. dianne should we embalm our leaders? >> i think we should embalm celebrities. >> there are already wax figures and we don't need them embalmed. that creepy. yes, people will walk to see his body and his funeral had thousands of people. people knowledge that narrative that he is the championing the poor and fighting for the little guy. read the profile. he nationalized health care to help the poor. bringging on my business reporter, look at ren ven market. it was the best performing market and the rally announced when he had canc yer biggest spike when everybody thought he was going to step down. >> i like when she puts on her business hat. >> are you jealous that sean
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penn will probably not be at your funeral. >> he is the greatest actor of my generation and greatter bleepp bleep all in one of my generation. [inaudible] c-- ♪ >> there you go. i was waiting for that. >> i don't know off of the top of my head. i didn't get the notes earlier . i think a lot of people thought it was carlos. >> iab at a comedian. >> not iab. hey look alike. >> bill, you are on display and that you are alreadyy embalm you think putting him on display is creeppy or cool. >> it is cool. embalmed. how awesome would it be on mount vernon george washington
8:20 pm
and spits his wooden teeth at you . the whole presidents. they are corpses. >> i am disgusted. >> i think it would make history real for kid and scare the craps. >> we have the pirates. >> i want the real thing. >> don't embalm them. stuff them. >> it is the same thing. you have to stuff and embalm. >> no. i don't know. >> it is a fluid. >> stuffing is stuffing. >> i don want to know more from you. i am sure you might know too much. >> coming up. would you like to be a hot woman who gets hit on by loads of men. >> mind your business you ugly pathetic loser. >> and first, demi moore wants more and more and more and ashton is like what? >> i have a weird mole on my arm.
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>> his hobby is to make a lobby. lobby in favor of restricting sugary drinks. we know that banzost sent out a release. someone worries more about teaching. anding to adopt legislation .
8:25 pm
i know. it is kind of harsh. one student is excited for the project. [inaudible] [laughing] respiratory so glad he finally got that. it exploded. >> showing you how safe liberals are in academia. they can actually do the activism without fear . put out a press release without fear of retribution. >> i think for the parents sending the kids to the school and students paying theirr own way it should be a uproar. they should make it known they are not happy about it and stop spending their money there. >> it goes back to
8:26 pm
radicalizationn of the campus and free speech. basically saying you can talk about anything without having the opposition. you don't have to have two sights. >> it eliminated free speech. here they are protected from being fired by tenure and designed to protect academic freedom . defend in his classroom. i know john because i live in washington . to be honest. he should stop drinking sugary drinks. >> he is gulping big gulfs. >> he is looking like he is. >> i believe he is. i have no prooff of it. nick, i was surprised that you endorsed this. >> how old is your friend? >> 65. >> when are they going to die all of these bleep bleepp liberals. are we at the end yet.
8:27 pm
>> when the lastt baby boomer joins me for dinner. >> that is perible, nick to wish someone to die. >> stop that. ♪ it is it a big gulp. sucking that straw for over 25 minutes. [bleep]. there you go. >> i am sick of faking it he's 65. >> when was the last time you faked it. >> i don't think you've ever faked it. >> and go to suddenly susan and i played a furniture mover. >> i believe that is true. >> it was. >> i love brook shields. >> you were on suddenly susan. >> i want to know about suddenly susan. >> this is brook shields . >> this is the most interesting thing you said so far. >> i was in the navy and used
8:28 pm
to show her around the ships. >> really? >> laugh laugh >> bill do you have something to add to the conversation. >> brook shields considering her former history she would have known if you are faking it. take 6. make a point. >> the point is this. why do we teach them to hate lobbyist. there is only one person in dc that is worse. it is lobbyist. when i grow uppit want to be somebody to wine and dine politician so they vote. >> they are the best informed and funniest people to be with in washington. >> they live on either side of me and are awesome people. >> it is a daily caller. >> i would love to. >> there is a reason they are effective. they are the people you want to have dinner with. >> just like your favorite guy
8:29 pm
in college. >> you are squeezeyest roommate and will iting girls he never before he loved them. >> there should be a movie about that. >> there s. >> james vader character in the 80s went to college and became a lobbyist. >> make it clean, people. i am sick of the stuff you are sending me and i am forwarding them to the authorities. especially you, tom. >> and lookk on the video and still to come, half time report andy leavey. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by sushi . garnished with bits of raww sea food or vegetables; thanks sushi. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself.
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>> we are back. we'll go to andy levy. >> i am not setting my clock ahead greg. >> good move, you are a rebel. >> you are going to live an hour before everybody else. >> six months from now forget it and send it back. no thank to obama. >> they do it all of the time. you never see that hour again. oh, you are back. you forget. i bought 60 minutes. >> make up your own dam minds. >> schooll band and
8:34 pm
cupcakings. tucker, the teacher's job to teach nonviolence. since when? >> and what she said was "we walk a delicate balance in teaching nonviolence in our buildings and insuring a safe, peaceful atmosphere. i think she meant teaching kids not to fight each another. >> that is not nonviolence that is politeness. >> she is talking about left wing ideology. >> i agree to disagree. it is done. i need to make that clear. >> it is it a fiery debate here. >> a lot of outrage. dianne, the cupcakes had a burka on them it would have been okay. they are called burke cakes. >> north korea threats. nick you said the missiles are
8:35 pm
not going to work because if you buy anything from korea it breaks. that would be south korea. >> no, you can get something from north korea. yes, you can. i have a blow up doll. >> you are truly an american herey on >> for you that is a long time. >> andy, don't mind this joke and it will end badly and we'll all be sad like we were earlier when that happened. >> we were sad. >> we were sad aboutomething. >> okay. dianne it will be easier to get china on our side. we did with regard to the un security council resolution. >> yes, china has a fine line to walk. and they are a fuel provider and if we get them on board it makes a difference. >> what? >> what. >> it is confusing the today show.
8:36 pm
>> it is so. korea. it was a little -- >> yeah, yeah. >> you know what, it has been a long day. >> a homonym. >> chuck, you said you are on dennis rodman's side. >> if i work and dennis rodman visited me for two days, i would hate america, too. i think dennis rodman is a pig and moron. i said was on the side if i was invited to go to the dennis rodman does north korea. to watch kim jong-un. it would be a great piece. >> north korea denounces and reacts the un security council resolution. by un rules, if you denounce it. the security council has to take time to reconsider. >> really? >> no. >> i would be reading that
8:37 pm
stuff. it is those stupid actualy comic books. >> but oh, that jugged had. >> chavez funeral. why lib liberals support dictators. from is a strain that knows what is best. they long for a dictator and they get caught. tom freedhan said he wished america could be a china. >> no, just longs for a firm hand. >> i don't at all. >> that is a good point. >> thank you. i thought you meant tucker. >> both of you making good points. >> yeah. >> that makes me nervous. >> nick you said seen pen was the greatest actor. don't appreciate the shot at
8:38 pm
nick cage. >> you know the middle name. should be put in one. >> i will let that sit. >> i thought it was monte. >> law professor has students going after sugary drivings. >> tucker, using a tenure to get away. interestingly a 2003 arcticle the hatchet contains this line. he holds back opinions to let them think for themselves . >> i profile would john banad. in 1996. hoe was the most unpleasant. truly pom pass nopolian figure in his classroom. >> maybe it was a requirement that they write about it in the paper. >> sounds like a player in "star wars". stay away from the cave.
8:39 pm
they are not working. >> dianne, you said the professor would never work with the students against a. this guy is gross and publicity. his courses are legal activism and where stunes learn to be public interest lawyers . so do the students know what they are getting into when they sign up for the class? >> bringing their own legall activism and not the professor's agend a. you can advoicate against the sugarry drinks or the policy that bounds them. you can pick your poison. but not implementing them to the students. >> i agree that would be better. i am saying the students know what they get into and know he's going to be do this.
8:40 pm
it is up to them. >> i agree. it is parents who paying the bills and they were stuck in the class drop it and think about it. point is, the students don't miss or notice a forced absence of balance. that is the whole point of removing the idea of opposing view points there. is no like okay you should be able to do the sodas and anti-a. anti-abortion. >> my guess is that the students know what they are getting into to take the course. >> when i was at cal i took classes on deconstruction and took a "the bible" class. it was called "the bible" and lit literature. it was just a
8:41 pm
deconstructionist take down of the bible. >> that's what i said. >> i know. it is at the joe's university. >> i was stupid. >> i took a class in columbia on the history of capitalism and it was taught from a socialist perspective. >> i took a shakesperian class and a deconstructionist take on a feminist rue point. dude a. you are going to do it he was a closest homosexual andit hates women. but as a kid, you look take a shakespeare class and look to the classes that seem easy which are often that has the morphous definition. >> these are law school students and not undergraud -
8:42 pm
grads. >> i took judge napolitano's class and it was hair grooming. >> you are insane. >> justin bieber is dead and toired of all of the paparazzi. >> you had me going there. >> wait, we are doing a story on justin bieber, oh, well, my work is done here. l girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs ultra soft & strong. puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness. face every day with puffs softness.
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>> does demiwant more than she deserves? >> it is not pretty. according to the court documents she is aiming to get ashton kutcher to spay spousal support and legal fees. >> i hate this word. and they are irreconcilable difrences. >> that is for a quala bear. >> and star of two and half
8:46 pm
men kutchererned 11 and half million. >> lighteningg round. she is suing him for millions of dollars. incredibly wealthy. >> she should get the mon yehe should be able to sleep with her any time he wants while bruce willis watches. >> you are a sick man. >> is this the scalp of infell delity. you have to pay. >> it is just wrong. it is like borrowing money from the son. >> i think she's just mad at him. dianne do you feel bad for her? >> why don't they have a prenup. you are a celebrity . they are not love doesn't last forever. have a prenup. >> when you marry a teenager in your 40s it will not last.
8:47 pm
>> if you are wealthy you don't need it. >> he put himself in the position and so those are the break. >> put her in it. >> and immediately after they broke up. they moved in the place and you guys, she cried on your shoulder for what like months. is that over between you two. >> you can't afford botox. >> why are you making wonderful of the person. >> i amure should. they had an open marriage and the only problem was it was not known to the media. >> was it in legal range. >> i want to move on to the next story . the real point of this. demiis a beautiful and wonderful person and might have killed off the story cougar town and all of that crap that came out. every other week oh, the hey look at cougar town.
8:48 pm
you don't have to do those. i will miss them. >> like a nonsingle man. older girls can teach you something. call me old lady. >> that's my point. it is a disgusting person. on friday, justin biebered a paparazzi to eye fight. let's roll this. [inaudible] you are in the way. get out of the way, man. you got to move on. [inaudible] >> what did you say? ? [inaudible] more like beeper instead of bieber, wow. dianne you are a woman. explain bieber. he is a world icon.
8:49 pm
>> i am a woman and not age 12 and not in his essential fan base here. >> you don't find him adorable. >> every time i hear the songs. i find myself bopping aroundd. >> where do people go to hear music. elevators. >> go to a bar or club. >> they don't play that. >> go to a high school and come with me next friday. >> you think they have bieber. >> no, just gloria gainer over and over and over again. usually i can't hear it because i am passed out. >> i don't remember much after that. >> i can't decide i what i dislike guy. bieber or the briterb guy crying assault. >> i am sympathizing with bieber at this point.
8:50 pm
leave her alone. >> you are not a believer. you are a b-eighter. >> that was frightening as one of the olson twins. >> i don't see his talent and he's a cute kid if you like that. i wish he would go away. >> tucker, you are a bieber fan and have been since day one. >> let me see it. >> i know nothing about the guy. you shouldn't be hassled. they are awful. awful. >> it is getting. >> it is not his fault he attracted millions of fans but stop wearing the funny little cap. you are about the same size as bieber . you are accosted. >> i yell out what did you say
8:51 pm
wearing a traffic cone. i don't intimidate the photographers. no matter how much i flex the absence of a muscle. it doesn't work. >> by the way, it happened to every generation. bobby sherman and donny osmond. >> napolian junior . go to autographed copy. s foundation. it's a primer, concealer and foundation in one for all day flawless skin. new outlast stay fabulous from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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joy behar has announced she is leaving the view after 16 years on the program. >> following a blistering rise to fame as a stand up comedian joy behar was one of the original cast of the view. she had laugh out loud joy's comedy corner transformed the chat fest in a not to be missed tv event. he is the clear cut stand out of the view. she was like carson and hope and clark. we honor the living legend and can't wait to see how she dazzled us next. >> i love the stars. >> nick, was that real?
8:56 pm
>> where were you when the music died and you heard the news. >> i was at her house cleaning the pool. >> are you saddened or really sad. >> i like the quote she nots to move on and do an intelligent show. >> good luck on tv. >> yes. >> it was iab, tucker, who should replace her in >> i think that is possible. >> i hear noise how they are going to hire her at cn n. >> if that happens that is great. >> bill, you dated behar, in the mid-80s. you are any idea she was a huge success and you are a failure. >> that's why we broke up. disheartening. i am not going to trash her. i love joy, you can't spell joyful without joy .
8:57 pm
you can't spell beheartened bout behar. and call me. >> you can't ask people who are listening to call you. >> we dated. hold on to the bench. >> how often do you hook up after those appeals. >> joy, a couple of timings. >> you can't spell be hard either. and that is. and we'll have fox news red eye. what did you say? ♪ hen you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs ultra soft & strong. puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows
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